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International Anonymous Space

Hey there, friends from around the globe! We're here to give you some information about Anonymous culture the world over.
Why? You see, the Ukrainian nation absorbed the point of “/b/” with mother's milk, it's in our blood. No lie.
Anyway, read the articles and help us improve them: you can add new information, edit or expand the sections. You're also welcome to create new articles.
Our official languages are Ukrainian and English. You can use either of them in this space.

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We have some English versions of articles about anonymous cultures of different countries.

International Anonymous Space

Ukrainian Embassy

WTF is that? Looking at it, we, ukrainian newfags, actually don't know what is it, we don't know who started it, but it sounds cool.

IAS is sort of attempt to create /int/ of Dramatica. We want to establish relations with foreign Anonymous for the great lulz.

But now it more looks like clusterfuck. After death of old Ukrainian Dramatica we've lost a lot, it means this page is in restoration proccess, so you probably can find more at Web Archive.

How can I contribute?

Ask us at Talk page, don't be shy, we are friendly most of the times.

Alternatively, you can just start writing shit about your imageboard dramas in English on our wiki with {{Template:IAS}}, we do not mind as long as its fun and informative.

But you can also do this on English Dramatica IAS portal where audience is way bigger.

Related pages

  • LOIB — list of Imageboards, our pride and truly the highest IAS achievement.
    • You can read more about International Anonymous Space on its Talk page.

Anonymous Around The World

List of world anonymous cultures:

  1. English anonymous culture (includes Amerednecks, Britfags, Auschan etc.; biggest anon platforms: reddit, 4chan)
  1. Spanish anonymous culture
  2. German anonymous culture
  3. Italian anonymous culture
  4. Finish anonymous culture
  5. Brasilian anonymous culture
  6. Polish anonymous culture
  7. Japanese anonymous culture
  8. Russian anonymous culture
  1. Hungarian anonymous culture
  2. Ukrainian anonymous culture
  3. French anonymous culture
  4. Dutch anonymous culture
  5. Greek anonymous culture
  6. Estonian anonymous culture [1]
  7. Jewish anonymous culture
  8. Chinese anonymous culture
  9. Korean anonymous culture
  10. Latvian anonymous culture
  11. Lithuanian anonymous culture
  12. Romanian anonymous culture
  13. Slovak anonymous culture
  14. Serbian anonymous culture
  15. Croatian anonymous culture
  16. Turkish anonymous culture
  17. Swedish anonymous culture